Saturday, July 28, 2012

Not white enough for you?

A Nazi sympathizing conservative member of the British Parliament complained that the opening ceremony of the Olympics was 'too multi cultural.'   Meaning, there was too much emphasis on the contributions of dark skinned peoples to British culture.  He also slammed the salute to the National Health Service in the opening ceremony.

First off, I loved the opening ceremony and I especially loved the salute to the NHS, all the interracial couples, and the inclusion of the black and Indian contributions to British culture.  If you took away all the things that black and Indian folks brought to British culture then you'd be left with nothing but boiled food, racial hatred, and long-winded crap novels.

All the rock and roll that the UK has produced?  Get rid of it because it's all based on blues music which black folks invented.  The good food that Britain has?  Toss it because it's there courtesy of the Indians, black folks from around the world, and Asians.  The best of modern British literature?  Shred it because the current status of decent Brit lit is due to people like Zadie Smith, a black woman.  I could go on but you get the point.

To even the most casual student of history it's obvious that the main thrust of Britain's imperialism has been the subjugation of non wihte peoples.  Where ever they sent armies, missionaries, or set up businesses in the world, black and Asian people bore the brunt of the brutality that was meted out by the white Brits.  India, China, Hong Kong, Africa, all still bear the scars of the what the white British did in their mad race to use up and control as many natural resources as possible, and yes, we learned much from our cousins in Britain because we in the USA are just as guilty as the British.  But the point here is that London is hosting the Olympics and some upper crust toffee nosed inbred twit is bemoaning the fact that Danny Boyle saw fit to salute all the great things that blacks and Asians have brought to this homeland. 

Next time Britain hosts the games you can salute genocide, ethnic cleansing, boiled to death vegetables and meat, the spreading of disease, mad cow disease, oppressing the Irish, screwing over Scotland, and all the other great things that white folks did for the UK.

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gmb said...

Oh, you nailed it dear. Kudos.