Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We win! We win!

Our drone strikin' Nobel Peace Prize President just announced we're going to be getting out of Afghanistan in a couple of years, so that means we won!  Yipeeeeee!  It's another victory for the mighty US empire!

Here's what we won over there in Afghanistan:

  • Billions of dollars in debt.
  • a shit ton of PTSD cases.
  • Lots of causalities.
  • Scores of maimed soldiers.
  • Far more fractured families than previously imagined.
  • The enmity of the rest of the world.
  • More terrorism!
  • Hundreds of thousands of dead Afghans.
  • Generations of people who will hate us forever no matter what we do or say from here on out.
Like the song says, "War, good gawd ya'll, what is it good for?  Absolutely nothin'."

1 comment:

gmb said...

On the plus side, prosthetic technology has made huge advances, as has understanding of head injuries. And the backash will insure that the military industrial complex will be swimming in lucre for decades!! it's all the monsters.