Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A double movie review

We've been re-watching Pushing Daises on Amazon Prime lately, which means I can't get enough of my longtime pretend British girlfriend Anna Friel.  So I decided to watch this film the other night:

It tells the story of a heroic, though roguish, French army officer during the Napoleonic war with England.  He gets captured and is sent to a POW prison in Scotland where me meets and falls in love with a local gal, played by Friel.  All sorts of complications conspire to keep them apart but in the end love triumphs.  It's very well done and it never takes itself too seriously, which is a problem usually with adaptions of Robert Louis Stevenson's novels.

All the actors do a fine job, especially Richard E. Grant as the prison warden who is smitten by love for Friel first, then for Miranda Richardson, who is smokin' hot in this production.  Friel and Jean Marc Barr shine as well.

I highly recommend this film, it's a light frothy, feel good story that's told very well.

Of all the explorers from the early 20th century Shackleton is my favorite.  He was heroic without being stupid.  He brought all his men home alive from his mission to be the first to the south pole, which is a huge feat considering all the men who died trying to do the same thing.  This film takes footage shot by the crew cinematographer and it shows us what life us like for the crew of the Endurance.  It's some amazing footage.  It's almost like being there alongside them as they make their quest.

This is a silent film, so be warned.  And because it's a silent film, they have a music score that runs under the film.  I found the score to be super annoying but the footage made it worth while to watch.

I doubt any of you will seek this film out which is a shame, the only way I knew about it was because a film buff friend of mine loaned me his DVD copy.  It's worth your time to see this film.


beatgrl said...

Hey give a reader some credit, wouldya? I did see the Shacklenton movie. Truly impressive.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Shackleton was a remarkable explorer. They did a great film with Kenneth Branaugh a few years ago that I really enjoyed.