Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sorry, no

This picture has been going around on Facebook and now I see it's been hitting the blogosphere:

I'd like to believe it's real but I'm pretty sure it's bullshit.

See, the first thing is if this linebacker kid really had two amazing gay dads, then they would have taught him to stand up to the bullies who were bullying this openly gay kid before there was any threat of physical violence.  Secondly, it's all written in a pretty typeface, if it was real the linebacker kid would not have typed it out on a computer, he would have written it down.

I wish we lived in a world where linebackers with two amazing gay dads did shit like threaten bullies and stick up for openly gay kids, but the sad fact is, most of the time it's linebackers who are doing the bullying.  The world of high school sports is one of the most homophobic in the world.  Misogynist as well.  The worst thing you can call another guy on a football, baseball, or any organized sports team is 'gay.'  And it's nothing to jocks to call a guy they want to demean or psyche out a 'girl.'  That's the way it is.  That's the way it was when I was in high school and I doubt it's changed much.

The above note was written by some well meaning person who wants to help gay kids in their struggle to be who they really are, but unfortunately, it's fiction.  Don't believe the hype.

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