Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is that right?

If I don't watch and rapturously praise the HBO show Girls I'm a raging misogynist, is that right?

If I don't watch Ashely Judd's TV show and praise her beauty every 10 seconds then I hate all women, is that right?

If I don't vote for Obama then I must be voting for Romney, is that right?

The answer is to all of the above is no.

Get over yourselves Lena Dunham and Ashley Judd, not everyone thinks the sun shines out of your asses.  Some of us don't want to watch you because we're not your target audience.   I didn't watch Sex and the City not because I hate women, but because the show didn't interest me, same thing with all those fucking televised talent shows.  I like music, singing, and dancing, however I don't like watching televised talent shows that feature singing, music, and dancing.

And to those of you who say my vote for Rocky Anderson of the Justice party is a vote for Romney, get over yourselves.  My vote is going to a third party, not to the dictatorship of the Republicrats.  It's obvious to me now that there is one party in charge and that's the party of incumbency.  My vote for Justice is a vote to get us out from under that dictatorship.  Grow up and stop believing the lies the two parties tell, especially the one that says that voting for a third party is a waste of your vote.


Jim said...

Doesn't matter who you vote for just as long as you do VOTE!

gmb said...

Amen, Dr. Monkey. I have been telling people for years that if all of us who are so disgusted voted third party, well, we wouldn't be stuck with a fucking two party system any more. Or, at the worst, we would, but with two new parties.