Friday, March 2, 2012


  • Andrew Breitbart was a raging asshole. The fact that he was a conservative didn't make him a raging asshole. The fact that he willfully misled and smeared the people he disagreed with lies made him a raging asshole. He ruined the career of Shirley Sherrod for his personal gain. He helped bring down ACORN, an organization that helped the poor and powerless just so he could look good. He went after NPR because they didn't allow him to spout his lies and bullshit. In short, the life of Breitbart was the perfect symbol of what the modern conservative Republican party has become, paranoid, self aggrandizing, racist, and hate filled.
  • Corporate whore and despicable morbidly obese drug addict Rush Limbaugh called the woman who wanted to testify at the Congressional hearing on birth control a slut, a whore, and one who needs to record all the sex she has so we can watch it since we might have to pay for her contraception. The fact that he said something so obviously sexist and horrid doesn't shock me, idiots have to be who they are after all, they must remain true to what got them to where ever they are in the world. No, what shocks me is there are women still willing to listen and defend anything he spouts in between bites of gravy soaked dollar bills and cheeseburgers made from ground up poor people. And what really shocks me is that there are even women who are willing to have sex with him, provided of course they find his tiny smelly shriveled up cancerous penis among the folds of his fat first. I bet the low self esteem women who want to let him fuck them have to roll him in flour and look for the wet spot before they mount his bloated methane filled crotch.
  • The most racist sheriff in America, you know the one, he's the guy in Arizona who hates and wants to imprison anyone who speaks Spanish and who doesn't use a SPF 99 sunblock, held a press conference the other day where he claimed that after further investigation on his part that President Obama's long form birth certificate is a forgery. Color me shocked that this racist who never met a brown skinned person he didn't want to toss in jail finds that the president's birth certificate is a fake. Orly Taitz must have been his chief investigator and Franklin Graham must have been his spiritual counselor.
  • A Montana judge who forwarded a racist email that said that mixed race children are the result of white women having sex with dogs wants you to know he's not a racist. Riiiiiight. What I'd like you to know is that this asshole isn't a dispassionate jurist, he's a piece of shit who hates white women who have sex and children with black men, black men in general, the president, and you and me for knowing that he's racist. He'd not only like to tear down the new MLK monument in Washington DC, he'd like to go to MLK's grave and piss all over it as well.

With role models like these, it must be truly a heady time to be a conservative.


Kim Hambric said...


The mere thought of flour now makes me want to vomit.

Suzy said...

Dr. Monkey, sometimes you just nail it.

Jim said...


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

All of these assholes are conveniently conservatives. I rarely if ever hear of a democrat that reaches this level of douchbaggery.

gmb said...

It's their death rattle. They have corssed a line and now it is hitting them in the ass. Good. I hope this means their distraction machine does away and read journalism/news reporting can take its place. I know, sounds naive, but if we demand it we can get it.