Monday, February 6, 2012

Stupor Bowled

Since we got rid of cable this past October I have barely watched football. And I don't miss it. I absolutely don't miss the jackass commentators or the obnoxious fans of teams I hate, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Ohio State, and Notre Dame.

I usually hate the Superbowl but what I hate even more than the game is the idiots who insist they watch the game for the commercials. I want to slap them across their smug lying faces, right after I box the ears of Al Michaels and John Madden.

Sports used to be a big passion of mine but as I grow older, it means less and less to me. There's more important stuff to care about. Anymore, sports are like religion is to me, it's a way to keep people occupied so they don't pay attention to the important issues of the day. Don't worry about what the fundamentalists are doing to our laws and our nation, watch the game instead! Pay no attention to what the corporate industrial complex is doing, watch the game at church instead! Never mind 400 people have more wealth, power, and influence than 150,000,000 of us do, pray to Jesus that the game goes into overtime so we can show you more commercials for things you want to buy but don't really need.

I got over religion a long time ago, it's time now to get over sports.


jadedj said...

Amen brother! With you.

dguzman said...

It's bread and circuses, Monkey. We'll follow in the downward steps of the Romans, right into the dust; to future archeologists, our "Coliseum" will the Astrodome or some other overblown, overbuilt stadium -- or at least whatever parts of it last that long. Somehow I don't think they'll look at it in awe.

Life As I Know It Now said...

I certainly heard a lot more about the Superbowl this year since it was Indy. But I didn't watch it. I never watch the games.

gmb said...

I work in a building on Broadway. The streets were packed around us, filled with the cream of Staten Island. Yes, it was as horrible as you can imagine. A bunch of mooks with Giants shirts on shouting something.