Monday, February 20, 2012

Religious hypocrisy round up

  • Rick Santorum said that Obama's theology wasn't a real theology, meaning of course that Rick thinks Obama isn't a real Christian because he isn't an intolerant gay hating women fearing Catholic. Lil' Ricky thinks that Protestants aren't real Christians as well, he said so in a speech. To these religious nut jobs if you're not exactly like them then you're not a Christian at all, which then means they can dismiss, marginalize, and ultimately do violence towards you, all in the name of getting you saved so you can be like them.
  • Westboro Baptist can't even be bothered to protest at funerals any more. They photoshopped themselves into the site where Whitney Houston's funeral was being held. Look, if the usual suspects who are perpetually outraged over everything can't get off their asses to make all Christians look bad, then please corporate media, stop giving hateful pricks like them so much attention.
  • It's a shame tens of Catholics are outraged over Catholic institutions that get federal money having to provide access to birth control but they're silent about their church's commitment to universal health care for all, ending war, and treating the poor with dignity. Once again the rights of fetuses who might exist trump those of people who are already born.


Jim said...

Santorum is a complete tool!

gmb said...

Given Santorum's intolerant religious ranting, I think it is appropriate to take bets when the story comes out. Because there has to be something there, no? I'm thinking a boyfriend. Anyone else?