Monday, January 2, 2012

A Monkey Movie Review

Comedy is very subjective, what I find funny you may not and vice versa. I found this movie to be hilarious, but I can see how others won't.

Three socially stunted man children run a detective agency that specializes in childish mysteries. When confronted with growing up and a real life murder mystery they nearly crumble. But they face up to both tasks in different ways.

The premise is amusing and it's carried out to perfection by Donald Glover, best known from his stint on Community. His two cohorts at times wear a bit thin, but they are funny too most of the time. Aubrey Plaza is good in a straight role and the rest of the cast acquits themselves quite well. I laughed so much I cried while watching the scenes in the strip club and the ones at the holiday party at the end of the film.

I highly recommend this silly goofy comedy.


gmb said...

My nephew LOVES this movie. My brother and I couldn't watch another minute after he forced us to watch about half of it (I gave up after the visit to the stripper club). Like you, my nephew cried with laughter over this movie and he says his friends all think it's brilliant.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I knew many people would not like it but I found it funny as hell.

UberDILF said...

I found new respect after his this on Conan