Monday, January 2, 2012

Praise our wealthy lords and masters!

Not that he'll see it but I did it anyway. I told Rupert Murdoch to go fuck himself on Twitter.

I had decided to stop using Twitter after a Saudi asshole bought a huge stake in it but when I heard that the ghoul Murdoch was now on it, I had to say my piece. But really, is he worried his twisted 'greed is good and unrestrained capitalism for you but corporate welfare for me' message isn't getting out there enough? Or is he one of those doddering old fools who want to appear to be hip? Either way, fuck him.

If I want to know what he's got to say I'll watch his propaganda channel Fox 'News.' Which by the way, I won't because I don't give a shit what that piece of shit liar has to say. Unless he's going to make a complete apology for all his corporate crimes and spend the rest of his days cleaning toilets in the slums of Mumbai and Sao Paulo as penance for all the harm he done.

For all I care he, his sons, his rapidly aging and dried out Chinese trophy wife, can all go tie a cinder neck and jump off a ship out in the ocean. Like all bullies, they'll all go away as soon as we make them pay for their bullying or we stop paying attention to them. Fuck you Rupert, fuck your ill gotten fortune, fuck your lies, and fuck Twitter. I'll never use it again.


Jim said...

Well said!

gmb said...

I want him to live long enough to see his son James in jail and News Corp on the ropes after the civil damage awards begin to snowball. Then, as he is slowly and painfully dying, his golddigger wife screams "you aren't the girls father." Then he dies. And we open the champagne...