Friday, January 6, 2012

The awful truth

Here is what will happen in the Republican nomination race:

  • Romney, barring any major gaffe or scandal, will buy the nomination because almost always Republicans nominate the guy who finished second in the previous election's primaries.
  • Evangelicals will hate Romney's religion and they'll squawk about it but in the end they'll support him.
  • Evangelicals will support Romney because they generally support a Republican, even though supporting Republicans goes against everything that Jesus Christ stood for, and they'll support him because once he gets the nomination he'll ask Santorum to be his running mate.
  • Santorum shores up the radical right religious part of the party and Romney shores up the greedy financial Wall Street cocksucking wing of the party and together Romney and Ricky will run hard against Obama.

It's all moot though because Obama will win re-election and that will cause radical right wing ministers heads to explode. Republicans in Congress will become even more obstructionist and nothing will get done until 2014 when Democrats win back enough seats to get some programs passed.

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Mnmom said...

Sad awful truth. But what's gonna happen when folks remember he left his dog tied to the roof of his car?