Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Watch this

Seriously, you'll thank me after you do. It's brilliant.


Anonymous said...

It's killing me that I can't remember that anchor's name. And man, Mrs. Garrett really likes her hot water, doesn't she?

Dr. Monkey said...

Kirby, his name is George Putnam and the clips of hm are from an anti porn film that was financed by Charles Keating, he of the saving and loan scandal that engulfed McCain and many other conservative politicians. I watched part of it the other night on the same archive/public domain channel I found this video on. It's spectacularly horrid.

And I'm of the opinion that Mrs. Garret (Charlotte Rae) was super hot back in those days. I'd love to have rogered her silly. An acquaintance of mine spent some time with her years ago at some industry function, he sold cameras and video equipment to TV stations, and he told me she was sex mad and bawdy as hell, and this was years after 'Facts of Life.'

Anonymous said...

Putnam! That's it. Of course, this just makes me wonder what kind of weird shit he was into, if he's part of a crusade against it.

Professor Chaos said...

That was Charlotte Rae? Hubba hubba, Mrs Garret!

Why did they ever stop making that Luster Creme shampoo? It looks wonderful!