Thursday, November 24, 2011


This year I'm thankful for:
the NBA lockout,
for Roku,
for Netflix and HuluPlus,
for jellied cranberry,
for fresh baked banana bread,
for friends both near and far,
for the fact that my family is mostly far away from me,
for my local library,
for Isolda Dychauk,
for Marta Gastini,
for Assumpta Serna,
and for you, the people who read this blog.

Please remember that I'm trying to raise money to buy a new pair of glasses. If you can spare any money I'd appreciate it, $5, $10, $15, whatever. Most donations of $25 or more get a random selection of my art cards. Here's the how you can donate:

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


J Mello said...

Ok... Not sure what the previous comment was all about but...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & Sparky! Enjoy the day!

Dr. Monkey said...

Thanks Joe. For future reference, don't give spam comments or comments by idiot troll any attention. They live for that crap.

dguzman said...

Oh, my sweet little monkey friend. For all that you do, this donation's for you.