Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fuck you Charter Cable

Charter Cable is the worst cable/internet provider in the USA. Their prices are outrageous, their customer 'service' is a joke, and their digital cable rarely works. My two year sentence, wait, I mean contract, no fuck it, I mean prison sentence with them is up next month and when it's over I'm going to shove the digital cable box up the ass of the manager of the local Charter facility near me.

Their customer service people are petty, mean, vindictive twats, which I guess they learn from management at Charter since no one in that shit ass company ever takes responsibility for anything. Their first and only line of defense is to blame us, their customers, the people who pay their fucking salaries, for any and all problems.

I went to their shit-box local office, which by the way, stinks of flop sweat, cheap wine, and Summer's Eve, to pay my bill today. When I asked the harpy behind the counter when my two year sentence with them was up she laughed at first, obviously thinking I was making a joke. When she saw I was dead serious she began to be belligerent. When I told her I was going to cancel my digital cable next month she became even more enraged and her work slowed to a crawl, showing once again that fine Charter Cable training.

As if that wasn't bad enough, when I got home, I found my internet to be running slower, waaaaaaay slower than usual. Hmm, coincidence? Nope. If you slag one of their shit products, they make the rest of their shit package suck too.

I had thought I might keep their internet and phone service, but now I'm going to look into other avenues for both. And I dare any of their internet trolls to read this post and leave a comment. I'll fucking mark you assholes as spam faster than Obama can cave to John Boehner.



Professor Chaos said...

Concast isn't much better. we switched to DirecTV and could not be happier with it. Also, if "Clear" is available in your area, they're a good internet provider that uses cell-towers or something, but no wires. We've had them a couple years and the net has never gone out.

Professor Chaos said...

Also, it's not possible to do anything faster than Obama can cave to Boehner.

Nan said...

I refuse to believe any cable company can outsuck Comcast.

ReaderRita said...

My ex-husband used to work for CableVision as an phone operator/order-taker. One day, after he'd worked there a couple of months, he showed up and they said: "You're an installer now. Here's keys to a truck."
He had NO IDEA how to hook up a cable system. NO CLUE IN THE LEAST. They told him there was a diagram on the wall in the truck, and a pamphlet in one of the tool boxes. And these are guys who drill through the walls of your house, and monkey with your tv and computer! It was amazing. The company just absolutely did not care about their product or their quality at all. They just used to laugh about complaints, and make sure to never send a guy back to a place he'd already been to, so that the homeowner wouldn't try to kill him.

Now I figure that pretty much all cable companies are run in a similar fashion...
...that's why we're going for a dish next time- all our neighbors love theirs.

gmb said...

They all suck. I wish someone with some money--hey Google--would see the opportunity to reach out to the gazillions of people who crave real customer service and not this mindless filthy meanspirited bullshit that passes for customer service at every telecom and cable provider.