Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who would Jesus pummel to death?

I hate the death penalty. It doesn't deter crime, if it did then we wouldn't have any more crime when you consider all the people we've put to death ever since the Supreme Court decided in the late 1970's that the death penalty isn't cruel or unusual punishment. And with as many people as the state of Texas has murdered in the name of justice, then the fucking lone star state ought to be the most crime free paradise on earth. But of course, it's not. And it never will be no matter how many people they kill down there.

So, having said how much I hate it, I do support death as punishment to one group of criminals and that group is people who murder and rape children.
And the case of the Christian couple who literally spanked their adopted child to death pisses me off more than anything. These idiots claim the god they can't see, which they profess to love, worship, and obey, wants them to brutalize, terrorize, and whip the child they can see because it pleases him. These fucking monsters, who I hope get beaten, raped, and murdered in jail, singled out a defenseless 7 year old girl for beating after beating because they thought it made their god happy. Once again, if that shit makes their god happy, then I'm ever so glad I don't believe in him or any other gods.

And please Christians, don't you fucking dare try to tell me that they aren't 'true Christians' because a 'true Christian' wouldn't do something like that. We all know that's bullshit. Time after time you people have shown yourselves to be the most violent, the most hateful, the most intolerant, the most awful people ever to walk this earth.

I grew up in an era when people spanked their kids. My mom spanked us, my siblings and I, and really, it didn't teach me anything except to lie and do whatever I could to avoid getting spanked again. The crazy aunt who I had to live with after my mother passed away spanked us. She and her husband both spanked, hit, threw things like pots and pans at us, and they got off on it. Aunt Rageholic got off on controlling others and making people bend to her twisted will. The only thing her violence against me and my siblings taught me was how to be more violent. And when the worst of her comes out in me, one can't live in environments like that and not be affected by it, I fucking hate it. I want to slink away and wash that awful part of my up bringing away forever. I hate what that woman, her husband, and her kids did to me and my siblings. See, they all claimed to be good Christians when they hit, spanked, and mentally abused us kids too.

These people who brutalized the little girl and her adopted siblings are scum, just like my dead aunt and her husband. The use their religion as a cover for their violent urges and desires. They deserve to have the full weight of the judicial system come down on them until they suffer like the child they killed suffered, until they feel what they put their adopted kids through. And honestly, the fact that these idiot Christians were able to adopt so many kids should have raised a red warning flag to someone, people like them don't adopt that many kids because they love them, they adopt that many kids because they want to exert control over them, just like my crazy dead aunt did.

Spanking doesn't work. The death penalty doesn't work. And as we've seen time and time again, Christianity doesn't work. In fact, judging by these child abusers, the Norway shooter, the jackals at Westboro Baptist, the homophobic hatemongers in churches everywhere, Christianity brings out the worst in people.

Every day they make me glad I'm an atheist. EVERY. FUCKING. DAY.


Professor Chaos said...

I never understand how people can say "my old man used to whip me and i respected him for it." My parents used to spank us and I still think it was an assholish thing to do. My father once spanked me for hitting my sister and he told me that anyone who hit a girl is nothing but a bully. (true) And even at that young age, I remember thinking, "well you're a grown man hitting a little boy, what does that make you?"

Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

I could not agree more Professor.

Mnmom said...

YES! to everything you said. I've raised three kids, and I must admit I have popped their bottoms a couple of times. But I also must admit I did because I had reached the end of my patience rope. Good parents recognize when their anger is taking over - it's only human.

But this sick perverted beating and abusing of children in the name of some diety is disgusting. I also hope they are beaten in prison. And folks who hurt children usually are the targets within prison walls. However, true justice will never be served.

And that's why I gladly eschew organized religion. It breeds crap like this.

justmanette said...

I agree with you about abusers and some Christians I have met hide behind their religion. They give religion a bad rep. But you better believe if anyone in my family is murdered..well, I will give them a death penalty they'll never forget.

Nan said...

I don't believe in the death penalty for anyone. Toss people who abuse kids into prison and make sure the entire prison population knows what they did -- I'd rather they got to experience life as a living hell than have an easy out.

CheeseFlap said...

And then Jesus said:
"Babies! I DIED for your sins...
Spankings are NOTHING!"

Kim Hambric said...

You said it! I can't say I'm the death penalty's largest supporter -- far from it. I do believe that there are mentally ill individuals who may not understand what they have done and do not deserve the severe punishment. I frankly do not think these people should be spared -- along with those in the recently dismantled child porn ring. Anybody that can rape an infant while having it filmed and then promote this to others ?!?!

Lisa said...

I can't help but think if people could act our their desires in a safe place with other adults using safe words and role playing, that a lot of people who get off an abusing kids in this manner, could channel their desires so that they don't hurt other people. I really do think a lot of this is a combination of sexual and a desire for power over another. But their religion would tell them that's wrong and so they end up using their religion as an excuse to follow through on their desires anyway.

How does the placement system screen for that? What a failure all around. The very people who try to protect these children delivered them to their abusers.

Yes, send them to prison. Give them help for their mental issues. Whatever else happens, find a safe place for the remaining children.

gmb said...

I wasn't hit much at all, but I still remember the taste of Palmolive soap (and didn't say a naughty word again. Well, within earshot of Aunt Mary.)