Friday, August 19, 2011

Found photos that go together

I can easily imagine this early 1970's just married couple
spending their honeymoon in this motel:
The motel is the Continental Motel and Lobster House Restaurant in Williamsburg, VA. It featured 41 air conditioned rooms, wall to wall carpeting, a TV in every room, private tiled baths, steam heat, and free coffee. It's just the sort of slice of vacation paradise that our chubby newlywed couple from Wisconsin might have enjoyed.

(The top photo comes from a packet of 20 photos I bought for a buck in an antique store in NC and the motel postcard was fifty cents from the same store.)


kirby said...

The bride and groom look like they'd fit right into Royston Vasey, or perhaps a Little Britain sketch.

Dr. Monkey said...

You get two hundred bonus points for both those British comedy references Kirby.

C said...

Brilliant! Being British, that made me smile a lot (even at the risk of showing my very English teeth...)

Megan said...

I thought Williamsburg was Colonial? I don't think the Puritans would approve these sorts of amenities, man.

Lsamsa said...

Well, I think that most of us can see who holds the balance of power in this couple.