Monday, July 18, 2011

She's a wiener

MNMom, a long time blog bud, won a CD copy of my graphic novel Hip Deep, Mountain High! She was the first to point out that the above illustration is an homage to the first B-52's album cover. MNMom gets the CD courtesy of another long time blog friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, who graciously purchased the CD and then donated it back to me so I could give it away in a contest.

Your CD will be going out in the mail on Wednesday MNMom. Thanks for playing!

And thanks once again to the anonymous blog friend who purchased the CD and then donated it back!

You can get your CD copy of my graphic novel by making a minimum $21 donation to my PayPal account. If you don't use PayPal, you can send me a check or money order.

1 comment:

Mnmom said...

Color ME happy! This is so great, because I've been feeling plenty guilty about not buying it. You know, poverty and all. So big thanks to the bloggy friend who made this possible. I'm very lucky indeed.