Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun facts about Tennessee

There are more Civil War reenactors than there are registered nurses in Tennessee.

Many people in Tennessee like to wear festive head coverings known as 'hats.'

Negroes are now allowed to work full time jobs in Tennessee.

People in Tennessee didn't know what to do when it snowed heavily, until a kindly person from New Jersey told them about the miracle known as road salt.

Many children in Tennessee are home-schooled because most all parents in the state are smarter than members of MENSA.

Many famous drag queens are from Tennessee.

Tennessee has produced three US Presidents, one Vice President, and sixteen Popes.


Kal said...

Tennesse..hee hee...they is so stupid.

Blueberry said...

All sixteen popes were fond of hats.

Anonymous said...

"Hats" being Catholic code for little boys.

Anonymous said...

Only marginally related: have you read "Confederates in the Attic"?
It's a wonderful book that beautifully highlights the complexity of a variety of viewpoints.
Just sayin'.

gmb said...

Oh, Kirby wins.