Thursday, June 23, 2011

How do women at a rave feel about the Afghanistan troop drawdown?

"We're not still in Afghanistan? Are we? Really? We are?"

"You know, I bet if we brought all those troops home, I bet they'd want to stare at my tits. My parents must be bursting with pride right about now."

"Obama is the most totally awesome President ever. I hope he keeps bringing troops home so they can stare at that other girl's tits."

"Our brave men and women need to stay in Afghanistan until the women of Afghanistan can dress and rave like we do here in the USA! Freedom! 9/11!"


Angry Old Man said...

I should've been a raver, if only the music didn't suck. It always reminds me that horrible racket playing in the scene where Christian Slater ices Gary Oldman in "True Romance".....

Ricky Shambles said...

I don't know about her parents, but I was, would've been ...busting with... if I hadn't already. Yay boobs.