Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fuck you Tracy Morgan

No, seriously, fuck you, you fucking homophobe asshole.

Did you think everyone in Tennessee is a homophobe like you? Is that why you thought you'd go off on your little anti gay rant in Nashville? You thought that maybe since we all used to hate blacks that we're over that and now we hate all gays?

Newsflash for you you asshole: Not all of us hated blacks, although in your case we're more than willing to make an exception. And most of us don't hate gays, despite what our idiotic legislature would have you believe.

If you'd stab your son if he told you he was gay then you need help you sick fuck you. You must really hate homosexuals and yourself too to say something like that. And don't try to pass this rant of yours off as, "Oh I was trying to be funny." Because we all know you weren't. For some reason you let your mask slip and when it did your real hateful homophobic face and views showed up.

Homosexuality isn't a choice you creep, it never has been. But if it is, then heterosexuality must be a choice too, so tell me Tracy, when did you choose to be straight? Huh? When? Oh that's right, you didn't make that choice, you were born that way.

Telling gay kids they meed to quit whining and take some punishment because they're gay is just fucking sick. It's never okay for kids of any stripe to be bullied. But if gay kids need to shut up and take some punishment then so should black kids when they get bullied and called things like 'nigger' or 'coon.' What? You don't like that? Black kids shouldn't have to suffer that in school and on playgrounds? Well asshole, the same thing applies to gay kids.

And you can take your non apology apology and stick it up your fat black ass. You never apologized for what you said or for your homophobia in general, you apologized if you hurt any one's feelings. Get your stupid ass to rehab you piece of shit. Or maybe you want to be the black Dennis Miller. Maybe you want to be the black court jester for the gay hating right wing. They'd love to have a 'catch' like to to 'prove' they're not racist. "Oh look, Tracy Morgan hates gays and thinks they should be bullied and discriminated against, so it's all good!" Yeah, that suits you, you gutless punk.

Stay the fuck out of Tennessee with your homophobic bullshit. Stay up in NYC and do that little act up there and see what happens.

Better yet, just slink off into the sunset you unfunny asshole. We don't need your kind of scum in the USA anymore.


Professor Chaos said...

A friend of mine saw him doing standup in LA a while back and she said he was absolutely disgusting. And she is NOT easily offended. I didn't ask for details, but I guess I have a pretty good idea now.

Lsamsa said...

I wasn't aware of who he was or what he said, so I did some research.
Unbelievable...what a scumbag.
A totally ignorant hating scumbag!
Also, to read that people clapped & cheered for his routine...sick & sicker.

Bill said...

The marvel is, he works in the entertainment business. He's an unfunny person pretending to be off kilter character on the tv show. Amazing casting! Fey best fire him before the popular turned into a sinking rock.

Nan said...

I've never been able to figure out why anyone thinks Tracy Morgan has any talent whatsoever. His career should have been nonexistent, especially when he's gone off on homophobic rants before -- this latest episode wasn't the first time he's said truly disgusting, hateful things and tried later to claim he was just being funny.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like I missed something while on vacation.

gmb said...

This will bite him in the ass short and long term. Lots of gays in entertainment. And lots of folks who would rather not write off the gay and gay friendly audience. Once his current gig is done, he's toast.