Friday, June 10, 2011

The current Republican Presidential field is:

That's right they're all toast. And here's why:

  • Newt's top level staff left him yesterday, en mass. That's never a good thing. He's also got that nasty ethics thing from years back to defend, his infidelities, and all those crazy statements he's made through out the years, they'll be back to haunt him.
  • Santorum, Bachmann, and Quitter Palin will all split the extreme right wing religious vote, thus ensuring that the extreme right wing religious vote will mean nothing in the up coming primaries and caucuses.
  • Mittens is a serial flip flopper. His hedge fund henchman buddies may love him but his flip flops will cost him. Plus he's a Mormon.
  • Ron Paul is too libertarian and crotchety.
  • Herman Cain can't keep his story straight and he's a one trick pony in a field of also rans.
  • Gary Johnson is unknown outside of New Mexico and the office of NORML.
  • Jon Huntsman will never survive his objections to ethanol subsidies and the fact that he worked in the Obama administration.
  • Pawlenty will bore many to death before he bows out before Super Tuesday. He'll hang out and beg who ever get the nomination to make him the choice for Vice President.
Obama is vulnerable, especially because he chooses to piss all over his base, but against this field of candidates, he's going to be reelected.


Professor Chaos said...

No one who isn't insane can win the GOP primaries now that they've decided to take the teabaggers seriously.

Anonymous said...

Very, very subtle : that image of the cheshire cat burned ever so lightly into the toast ;-)

gmb said...

Makes me think that the dems and repugs get together to see who gets to pretend to be president. I wish there was a true independent out there who steps up to the plate and starts naming names. Yeah, I know. So Obama will get his second term. I hope he has to spend it avoiding public events because of the constant protests and heckling. He's a neoliberal monster.