Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Religious round up

  • Christian minister Terry Jones wants to go stand outside of the largest mosque in the USA, which is in Dearborn, MI, and protest Islam on Good Friday. He claims he doesn't want violence but he and his followers, just simple God fearing Christians, will be armed and ready for any violence that might come down. His actions don't match his intent or his words. If he didn't want violence, or attention from the media, then he'd stay at home and protest Islam inside his church. To say he's bringing guns but that he doesn't want violence is like saying you don't want to suck cock while kneeling with your mouth open at a glory hole.
  • Catholic nut, and media attention whore (notice a pattern here?), Bill Donahue claims that the sex scandals in his church aren't due to pedophile priests. And he states that since some of the victims were teenagers that means that the priests who raped them weren't pedophiles at all, they were just gay and so the real problem is the gays in his church. The mind reels when you consider that he's saying the priests and the church aren't at fault in the child rape scandals, it's the fault of those little kids with 'purty' mouths and come hither asses that are the cause of all the rapes. You just know that sooner or later Donahue is going to get busted chugging cock, fondling a boy, or be in possession of kiddie porn.
  • Muslims murder people because some asshole in the USA burns their holy book. That makes as much sense wait, it doesn't make sense at all. Their god isn't in their holy book, it's supposed to be in their hearts, minds, and actions. And in this case, their actions speak louder than any words ever could.
  • Talentless hack Chuck Norris says that he's heard that the Muslims are taking over with their 'ring of sharia.' He's not sure where or when it's happened in the USA but since he heard someone say it, it must be true. Yo, Chuck, I heard someone say you and Ted Nugent 69 while shooting your 'guns.' So that's got to be true too. Doesn't it?
  • Pat Robertson and James Inhofe are incensed that a Muslim candidate won the election in Ivory Coast. How dare those Muslims go to the polls and vote for their candidates? How dare they run for office in places where they make up the majority of the population? Dirty fuckers, Jesus will show them one of these days.
  • Alan Keyes says that the earthquakes are a sign that his god is unhappy with us. Remember this comes from a man who disowned his daughter because she came out of the closet. I'd say if a god got mad at anybody in that situation it'd be the asshole who kicked his daughter out.
  • Roman Catholics and Mormons still hate marriage equality. If you call yourself either of those things then you hate marriage equality too.
  • Some guy wrote what he's calling a secular bible. Nice try guy, but I reject your work. I don't believe in or follow any bible, secular or otherwise. And I don't use On the Origin of Species as my holy book either Kirk Cameron, so there. I'm an atheist, I have no bible and I don't look to any bible for any guidance, universal truth, or for inspiration.
  • I hope Jesus doesn't see the Easter bunny or his shadow when he comes out of his grave on Sunday because if he does then that means we're doomed to another year of idiotic Christianity and it's asinine followers.


Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

What color is the sky in this fantasy world you live in Gary?

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Here's a suggestion for you, go write your own blog and stop spamming mine with your inane comments. You will never ever make me believe in Christianity or any of the other Bronze age fairy tales.

Now as for pointing out factual errors, those countries who have secular government, the countries of northern Europe, France, Finland, and even South Africa, have a much better equality track record than any so called 'Christian majority' country. In those countries gays, women, minorities all have it better than they do in the US, Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc.

And know sir that you have left your last comment here. Before oyu go spouting that I am taking away your freedom of speech, I'm not, you're free to say whatever you like anywhere you like, except here on my blog. This is my blog, not yours, you've made your disagreement known and since you feel so strongly about it, write a blog of your own and put your opinions out there. You're not going to use mine to spread you religious nonsense.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'll be deleting any more comments you leave here Mr. Baker.

Anonymous said...

By the way, it's not "charity" nor is it altruism or even kindness if you're doing it to pad your "house in heaven." Yeah - I know ALL about evangelism.

Regular church attendance has nothing to do with anything. The best indicators of generosity are not indicators -- because the people who truly give a shit about the needy care because they care and don't give a shit whether anyone -- including God -- knows about it.

If evangelicals truly want to help the needy, they wouldn't attach conditions ('you must come to us/listen to us/be one of us/let us save you') nor would they run around testifying about how good they are.

In my mind, evangelicals are no better than the Chamber of Commerce -- everything they do is in their own interests. CoC's interests are business; evangelicals interests are getting bonus points with God.

Mnmom said...

I agree. Seems a lot of our problems are directly tied to someone's religion.

Dr. MVM said...

Oh snap, Blogger deleted all of Gary's comments after I reported him as spam.

Anonymous said...

Ring of Sharia is just the name of the jello mold salad they serve every Tuesday at Chuck's senior center. He flies into a rage when ever they serve it.