Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not in

Obummer announced his re-election yesterday. I hope he does well with that and I hope he finds a bunch of other saps to vote for him because I'm sure as hell not going to vote for him again.

He's lied, he's made fools of us, and he's pissed all over his base in the name of being bipartisan in the hopes of getting Republicans to vote for his policies. He's lost me forever. I'm voting Green or socialist or writing in Kucinich/Feingold in 2012. I've remained a progressive liberal, the liar in chief hasn't. He's a tool of big business and the war machine. And I refuse to vote for him again.

There's no need for anyone to leave me a comment telling me that by not voting for him I'm helping to elect a Republican, because that's just bullshit. And if you're one of those liberals who feels that you still must vote for him because you're afraid of what might happen if you don't then don't bother commenting on this post either. Use your own blog to justify your irrational fear and your love for a man who is anything but a liberal. If I wanted a Republican in the oval office, I'd vote for one. There's no need for me to vote for a Republican in Democrats clothing.

I'll not hold my nose and for the war loving class traitor in chief. Instead I'll hold my head high and vote for a left wing candidate who is actually on my side.


Liberality said...

If I wanted a Republican in the oval office, I'd vote for one.

here, here!

Jim said...

I understand the frustration because I ripped Obama a month or so ago myself in a post.
The Repubs are horse shit no doubt. What we need is Bernie Sanders to run for president.

Professor Chaos said...

I would love to see Bernie Sanders in the Oval Office. With Alan Grayson as his attack-dog VP.

shamelessdomestichussy said...

I will vote for him again right after he vomits up a real live unicorn and then mates with it while Katy Perry and Kid Rock cover "Sometimes When We Touch."

Because THAT would be awesome.

gmb said...

Dr. Monkey: He never was a progressive. He was and remains a neoliberal monster. I didn't vote for him in 2008 because of his FISA vote. I knew what that meant--party over country. Actually, it was Obama over everything. I wouldn't vote for him if the GOP ticket is Palin & Reagan's rotting corpse. By the way, think about writing in Harvey Milk for seats you can't vote for the slated candidates. At least Milk knew how to fight and get things done.
And shamelessdomestichussy: I love you.

dguzman said...

Oh my god I'm still giggling uncontrollably about shamelessdomestichussy's comment.

My worry is what we're going to get as an alternative -- what nut are the repugs running? Rand Paul? I too am writing in Kooch!

PENolan said...

Obummer - Love it.

Angry Old Man said...

Hey you're stealing my thoughts....I was just about to blog on this!