Monday, April 11, 2011

Gee, thanks

So we're supposed to be grateful that President Obummer didn't let them defund Planned Parenthood. Big fuckin' whoop.

While he may momentarily grown a spine and stiffened it in order to save Planned Parenthood from the chopping block, he's still agreed to cuts that he didn't need to agree to in an effort to get the radical right to like him. He's like the needy kid on the playground who will do anything he can to get others to play with him.

And he's already signaled that he's willing to accept cuts in Medicaid and Medicare. So, honestly, fuck him. And fuck you if you think he's on the side of working people, of poor people, of progressives and liberals. He didn't put up a fight on extending the Bush tax cuts which cost us about $150 million a year in revenue (I could be wrong on that figure, they're probably costing us much more than that), and he gave up more ground on social programs and Pell grants. So yeah, fuck him.

And fuck him on the ongoing torture of Bradley Manning, who by the way has not been tried and convicted of anything, not in a civil court, not in a military court. Yo, Obummer, where's the return of our civil liberties that you promised?

Just so I don't end this post on a sour note, here's a free chair for you:
All you have to do is pick it up. And possibly disinfect it.


Mnmom said...

He has caved in such a dramatic fashion that it makes me wonder if they've threatened his kids or something. Candidate Obama and Pres. Obama are like two different people.

SkylersDad said...

I have a theory. When you get elected president, the small group of people that actually know what the fuck is going on for real in this country bring you in for the mother of all presentations.

As soon as you finish voiding your bowels in your pants at how bad it is, then these people tell you how you are going to run the white house.

These people are all gazillonaires that have mortgaged the country to death.

Professor Chaos said...

who knew there was something he wouldn't sell out? For now, anyway.

Lsamsa said...

I think the government needs disinfecting.

lostmomjan said...

gahh! enough already! so ... I'm taking a break from my Phoenix weirdness to visit my daughter in Knoxville in May ... come have beer with us at the Sunspot. We will be plotting our secession from the union... wait - that's been tried already? really?

Ellis Nadler said...

that's no's a horse's head

Ricky Shambles said...

Cause, hey, free chair :)

gmb said...

MNMom: Candidate Obama said what he needed to to become President Obama. President Obama and his handlers think that the true left has no choice but to reelect him. But President Obama has all but said "I can't do anything because the republicans control one house of congress." So my thought is to run with that and suggest that the real left concentrate on taking back the house and getting some real lefties in there. So what if the republicans get the White House IF the democrats--armed with more real left candidates--win back the house. It's the only way to show the DC beltway whores that we see what they are doing and we are not playing anymore.