Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's time to face the music

I can't be a Republican because I don't hate Mexicans, gays, poor people, teachers and other public employees, want endless war, and no taxes on the rich.

I can't be a Democrat because the modern Democratic party is nothing more than GOP lite and it's filled with people who want to keep the endless wars going, want to cut taxes on the rich even further, want to neglect the poor and working classes, want to block universal single payer health care for all, want to compromise on core principles when it's not necessary, want to stop being the party of FDR, and who want to move the party even further to the right of where Clinton and Obama are dragging it.

I can't support any incumbents outside of Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich.

I'm out of party politics, at least when it comes to the two parties that dominate our political landscape. I'm not voting for or supporting in any way that lying warmongering compromising backstabbing asshole Obummer any more, he's proven time and time again that he's not on my side and that he's working to undermine what generations of liberals, progressives, and working people built. I don't not support him because I've become a right wing teabagger, I don't support him because he's no longer a liberal, or a progressive, as if he ever was one in the first place. Clinton moved the Democratic party to the right in order to get elected, Obummer is moving further to the right in order to appease the Republican party who will never ever work with him and who will always hate him no matter how far to the right he moves the party of FDR.

I'm voting Green or socialist or writing in Kucinich/Feingold in 2012. Fuck the Democrats and their leader. And triple fuck the Republicans who have become the party of the John Birch Society and the US Chamber of Commerce.

I've faced the political music and I didn't like any of the tunes they were playing. But holy hell, I fucking love facing this music:


Professor Chaos said...

This country needs a labor party!

Mnmom said...

I'm with the Professor. I still can't bring myself to support a 3rd party candidate. Yep, that sticky voting-splitting issue still bothers me. We need instant run-off voting.

Dr. Monkey said...

I'm through voting the way you do MNmom. I'm not going to let fear keep me from voting my conscience.

gmb said...

I did it in 2008, Dr. Monkey. Being able to say "I didn't vote for him?" Priceless. IN 2010, I wrote in Harvey Milk for every possible position except I voted for Jerrold Nadler for my rep. He's ok, but the only way to get the democrats to move to the left--where they should be anyhow--is for people like us to withhold our support when they don't earn it. We lived through Reagan and W, we'll live through X (who ever the scary republican is). Hell, maybe the democrats might begin to stick for shit if they are the minority again. Just saying.

Ricky Shambles said...

Go Kooch 2012! I grew up in his district and he's the only damn one of them who has any solid ...anything. Bring it!

dguzman said...

I was at a fundraiser for a little local progressive newspaper the other night, and the woman who won their Progressive of the Year award was a lady who was instrumental in blocking the county's purchase of electronic voting machines a few years ago, among other things -- in short, an amazing person. In her little speech, she said something that really just hit me right in the gut and the heart: that she no longer believes that the electoral process is going to help fix what's wrong with this country. Man, she's so right. I'm with you, Monkey. I'm writing in Kucinich from now on.