Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt's five steps to recovery

Step one, get rid of your dictator thorough non violent peaceful protest. (DONE!)

Step two, keep protesting until you get rid of all his henchmen and the CIA stooges in the government.

Step three, nationalize all industries that are controlled by western corporations.

Step four, never ever EVER listen to what the IMF or World Bank says.

Step five, make sure all people have equal rights and are allowed to vote.


S.M. Elliott said...

Step 6, get the hell off of craigslist 'cause you look like a tool.

gmb said...

Yep. Especially No. 2. If they do that, they win. Oh, Step 6: Get back every fucking cent that douchebag stole from the people. All $70 billion of it.

pureklass said...

This is one of my favorite photoshop creations of all time. OF ALL TIME.