Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear Canadian friends,

You know I love all of you and you know how much I love and revere your fine country. However, not all of your countrymen are cool or friend worthy. In fact, some Canadians are insufferable asswipes.

  • Those Canadians who claim to be morally superior to us here in the USA, asswipes.
  • Canadians who think they are clever and funny by comparing the people of Quebec to us here in the USA to illustrate how dumb we all are, asswipes.
  • Canadians who constantly and persistently try to chat me up on Facebook, even after I tell them I do not want to chat, asswipes.
  • Canadians who refuse to acknowledge that they too are Americans by virtue of the fact that they live on the American continent, asswipes.
Unlike the Canadian jerk who I just blocked on Facebook, I won't judge all of you fine people by one by example. Well, two if I include your insipid Prime Minister.

I still love you all and I love your fine country. And one day if the shit keeps rising like it is here in the USA, I may just move north to live with you. However, I'll be sure to stay the hell away from that idiot Bruce Hallet. And Stephen Harper.

Dr. Monkey


Kal said...

It really disturbs me that you had this experience with one of us. I hope I never behave in a way towards you that will force you to refer to me as an asswipe.

Cid said...

Oh, how well I know the asswipes of which you speak. But as with Americans, we are not perfect and unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for the comments of our fellow country men and women. As for Harper? Well, they say a country gets the leader it deserves. God, I hope not.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

There are indeed insufferable assholes in every country, and I think the per capita ratio is probably pretty consistent.