Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Another Martin Luther King Jr. Day has come and gone and Glenn Beck is trying once again to claim King's mantle. But to do that is to pervert King's message. King was pro union, Beck anti union. King was pro social justice, Beck is anti social justice. King was anti war, Beck is pro war. King was for economic equality for all, Beck is for the rich ruling class. King was non violent, Beck is pro violence. It was a badge of honor among conservatives to hate King, especially after he came out against the Vietnam war, so for Beck to claim to be a conservative and to claim King's mantle is another of his delusions and a perversion of history.

Sob sister Sarah Palin, America's most wronged woman and our nation's most perpetually victimized female, once again made the Tuscon shootings all about her. She went on that Fox Noise show and she decried all her detractors. She cried that people were twisting her words in order to criticize her and to get her to sit down and shut up. She wailed that the shootings in Tuscon were the act of an insane person who was in no way influenced by political hate speech. She sobbed that those who politicized the shootings were morally despicable and then she turned around and said that the shooter was a left leaning activist. Once again Ms. Quitter perverts the truth and reality. No one wants her to shut up, in fact most of us wish she'd talk more, especially to some real news outlets like the New York Times, NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, The Daily Show, This Week in NASCAR, anyone but those softball lobbing toast jockeys at Fox. It would be a huge win for her if she did talk to some other news outlet other than Fox because she can say what she likes then go on Fox and recant it all and claim that they perverted her words and the meaning behind them, she can be the victim yet again.

Palin and Beck, what a couple of perverted twits.


Mnmom said...

So true. So very true. And all for money.

Blueberry said...

Now all the right needs to do is change the history books and do a right-spun documentary or two on King. In addition, they can just keep pumping (pimping?) up Robt E. Lee's birthday, which is observed on the same day... and/or keep tamping down MLK Day as a holiday or *really* not important.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I thought "This Week in NASCAR" was on Faux News? Maybe it's just the same demographic?

I'd respect both of them at least a _little_ if they would just admit they are fascists.

Cap'n Ergo "XL+II" Jinglebollocks said...

" She went on that Fox Noise show and she decried all her detractors" is that grownup speak for the same thing her daughter did to all her haters for DWtS??

Laura said...

Well said Dr. Monkey. Well said.


libhom said...

One of the reasons why Beck gets away with this is that few people know what Mormons like him believe.

Mormonism states that, before there were people on Earth, their was a cosmic battle between Lucifer and Jesus, each with followers. The ones who fought with Jesus supposedly were "rewarded" with white human bodies. The ones that sided with Luci got no human form. The ones that stayed out of it were "punished" by getting black bodies.

Joseph Smith plagiarized from some crazy bad 19th Century science fiction.