Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Same as it ever was

  • The reason so many incumbents and those who've made their living sucking on the teat of Big Momma Government (and I'm talking about Hillary Clinton mostly here) are so upset over the Wikileaks diplomatic cable brouhaha is because it lays bare the contempt that most American politicians have for their counterparts the world over and it reinforces the view that we hate everyone who we can't bend to our will. No one died as a result of these leaks and our national security isn't threatened, so calm the fuck down. In my book the gang behind Wikileaks are stone cold heroes.
  • Glenn Beck says the food safety bill that passed yesterday is going to enslave us all. Yeah, safe food, that's the last lynch pin in the progressive plan for world domination. (cue eye roll)
  • Some idiot Congressman from Texas is saying he'll put Obama in his crosshairs if he gets to be chairman of the energy committee. Nice. Real nice. That's exactly what we need, a white elected official using that kind of language about our black President. It's not like some nut with a basement full of rifles and handguns won't take that idiot seriously and try to shoot the President. No, that kind of thing never ever happens, anti government right wingers just don't do that shit, do they.
  • Sarah Palin tried to tie Willow's anti gay slur tirade to her mentally challenged kid. She said she was going all Momma Grizzly on that kid because he attacked her family and her brother...except as usual Quitter Palin is lying. That kid attacked the low rated Palin show on TLC, he never said a word about Trig. It's automatic now, if you disagree with the Half Term Governor then you're automatically attacking her down's syndrome grandkid. Yeah, I went there, the kid is Bristol's, and not Quitter's.
  • President Quisling is getting ready to capitulate to the right once again. Oh wait, he already did with this government wage freeze business. Way to attack your base again idiot. Vote Green in 2012, you may lose but at least you won't be responsible for inflicting that class traitor on America again.
  • The IMF gets to fuck Ireland. Spain, Portugal, heads up, you're next. Then it's on to Britain, Canada, and the USA! Then after all the world economies are in tatters and there's riots in the streets over food, water, and electricity, we'll get our social safety net and big government spending back. Too bad that big business will cut in front of us in that government money line, oh well, maybe we'll get a few extra crumbs before they hog it all up. Seriously, after the IMF screws over your country and makes you cut everything, the only way to revive it is by government spending. It's happened in every country the IMF ever bailed out and that's a fact Jack.
Common sense and corporate decency are dead. And our political leaders and our diplomats have no shame, none. We're fucked until this house of cards collapses. Fucked I tell you.

But don't let all that worry you right now. You go out and brighten your corner of the world and to what you can to make this place a little better no matter what the pigfuckers in charge do. And remember, Dr. Monkey loves you. He really does. If he didn't then he wouldn't talk to you like a grown up.


Kal said...

You seemed to have hit all the hightlights for the week and it's only TUESDAY. I don't want to be a grown up anymore.

K. said...

As an Irishman living with a Mickey Mouse government and the consequences of the Draconian IMF whose solution is cuts, cuts and more cuts I can only say ... bastards.

Anonymous said...

I'll go you one further, not only is Trig Bristol's first, he was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, not Down's Syndrome.

Dr. Monkey said...

I love you so much it hurts Kirby.

Kulkuri said...

It's all about Family Values doncha know??

As for the rest, we're fucked!!!

gmb said...

Gee, K, my hope is that your countrymen fight back. After all, it's not like they don't know how to brawl when they need to (or want to, for that matter). I think Ireland will help stop the madness.

As for Oblahblah? I voted for the Socialist Worker's and Peace Party for prez and vice-prez in 2008. Why? I like socialist, workers, and peace. Oh, and based on his FISA vote, I assumed Obama would fuck us over. Got that one right. in 2012, if we all vote for the same third party, well that will make an impact. I'll check out the Greens.