Friday, October 22, 2010


Serial liar and delusional former President Bush Jr said recently, "In terms of accomplishments, my biggest accomplishment is that I kept the country safe amidst a real danger."

My question is what country is he talking about?
The worst terrorist attack in our history took place under his watch.
Then he used that attack as a pretext to go to war where hundreds of thousands of people got killed, maimed, and psychologically damaged.
And because he took us to war extremists all over the world stepped up their terror attacks, thereby making the world a much more dangerous place. So he didn't keep this country safe. Nor did he keep our allies countries safe, both the bombings in Madrid and London were a result of the wars of terror on Iraq and Afghanistan.
Iraq isn't safe. Even after years and years of war.
Afghanistan isn't safe after ten years of war.

Oh wait, there is one group of people who Bush Jr did protect and keep safe, his base of obscenely rich white men.
Murdoch and his billions are safe.
Lying murderous Amway thug Eric Prince CEO of Blackwater/Xe and his billions are safe.

Pat Robertson and the Christian Taliban are safe.

The rest of the world and the working man and woman, not so much. History will show time and time again that Bush was the worst President ever. I wish there was a hell for his lying murdering delusional ass to burn forever in.


Kim Hambric said...

This morning, my daughter asked what # president Obama is. #44, I told her. "So #43 was the really bad one," she said. I scratched my head and wondered if he could be the worst. I decided he was at least in the top three. But now, yes, you've convinced me that he's the worst.

However, the rich white men (and the poor, ignorant white men) will never agree.

lahru said...

when your approval numbers as president upon leaving office are 23% you can have someone write a book and display yourself as the author if you sell half of the delusional 23% the book you can put up some big sales numbers.

But, just because you have your opinions printed in a book does not make it true.

Legacy's are hard to shake off.

Self medicating yourself with a somewhat popular book authored by some ghost writer is a triumph to be celebrated and prove to yourself you are relevant. Not!

gmb said...

Well, what was he going to say? My daddy's friends got me appointed prezident and then I gave them lots of the peoples' money and then I killed hundred of thousands of innocent people? Even that idiot knows that doesn't sound right.

Professor Chaos said...

Why do Bush and his apologists think he gets a mulligan for 9/11?

sunshine said...

Yep. He was pretty damn awful.