Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The liberal media strikes again!

Once again the liberal media in the USA left out the most important parts of the Rich Iott Nazi cosplay story. Yes, the erstwhile GOP candidate Iott liked to dress up as a Nazi and play war games but the reason he did it was he's a big time history buff who wanted to use the Third Reich cosplay to bond with his son. That's Mr. Iott second from right in the above photo.

What the liberal media isn't telling you is that Mr. Iott and his son tried cosplay from several historical eras before they found one they sympathized with.
They tried their hand at re-enacting the race riots in 1967 Detroit but they found that the African Americans they recruited to play with them took their roles a little too seriously.
So then they tried the KKK of the 1920's when the Klan was at it's peak. But they didn't like it because it was a little too left wing for them.

Next they gave the 1070's a shot and they dabbled in Kent State massacre cosplay. They found it too modern for their liking.

So they went back in time and tried old English style bear baiting but the bear won more times than they care to mention.

So given their proclivity for reenacting troubled times in history and given the fact that Mr. Iott is a radical right wing teabagger, it only made sense that he'd choose the Nazis and their fight to bring race/corporate based fascism to the world as the thing to bond with his son over.
It's all perfectly innocent because we all know the teabaggers tell us all the time they're not racist or fascist.


HelenWheels said...

You got the real story alright Dr. Monkey. Well done.

Margaret Benbow said...

Yes, Iott looks all smiley and at ease in that Nazi uniform. He's home at last!

Liberality said...

What liberal media? Or should I say what mainstream liberal media? No such animal exists I tell ya!

PENolan said...

Did you see The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo?
More father/son Nazi bonding. Pretty alarming

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a new and exciting way to bond with Slim... I think I'll keep looking.