Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things not found in the Constitution

Crazy woman Sharron Angle wants to eliminate all funding for public education because it says nothing about funding education in the Constitution. And she also wants to be a US Senator too. I know, it's fucked up.

Here's a list of other things that should be banned or stopped because they're not mentioned in the Constitution:

  • Person-hood status for corporations.
  • Political action committees.
  • Political parties.
  • Tax breaks for big companies.
  • Tax breaks for small companies.
  • Vaccinations.
  • The interstate highway system.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration.
  • The Food and Drug Administration.
  • TVA.
  • All benefits other than salaries for members of Congress.
I love teabagger candidates, the sounds they make while crying after their loss in the general election is music to my ears. Angle will blame the media, the liberal elites, and the Communist party for her loss in November, she'll toss the blame for her loss everywhere but where it lies, on her and her extreme positions. And it's a shame that she'll lose because I really fucking hate that mealy mouthed Quisling Harry Reid.


Bustednuckles said...

Damn, ya gave up easy. That list could be as thick as the IRS code book.

Snad said...

I don't think the Constitution mentions a damn thing about Pringles, either.

Snad said...
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McGriddle Pants said...

seriously, no funding for schools? although its not like they get a ton of money anyway...
but NONE?! Sure, that'll help our country. A non-educated generation of children. GREAT IDEA! Look out! We're coming t o get ya!