Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home grown idiot

Meet the Lt. Governor of the state of Tennessee:
He's a pinched faced prudish looking guy isn't he? Of course he is, he's an east Tennessee Republican after all. And he wants to be the next governor of our fine state so he can give Washington the boot from our lives. He still wants all that federal money that pours into our state, he just doesn't want any negro President and Congress led by a woman telling him what to do with it.

He's currently in third place in the race to become his party's nominee. But he may have found his break out issue. In order to solidify his place in the hearts and minds of the Bible thumpers and teabaggers in this state, he's decided that Islam may not be a religion after all, he says it's a cult, and therefore it may not protected under the first amendment.

Now, if he were standing here next to me, which is very doubtful since I don't in real life associate with people as stupid as he is, I'd remind him that his religion, Christianity, started out as a cult and got lucky when it became the dominant religion the world over. I'd also like to remind him that just because his is the dominant religion, it's not the only religion and that freedom of religion extends to all religions, even those you don't follow or agree with.

I throw up in my mouth a little every time I hear him speak, see his smug idiotic face on a billboard, and see a bumpersticker with his name on it. He's a classic bigot who made good at the expense of others and who now wants to deny others the rights he holds dear. When he loses the primary next week, or whenever the hell it is, I'm going to call his office in Nashville, his local office, and the office of his auction business and I'm going to laugh at him for being such a dumb ass and for wasting all that money on his gubernatorial run.

It's idiots like him who give this area a bad name.


McGriddle Pants said...

yeah, a "cult" that's been around LONGER than Christianity.

At what point do you become a "religion" in his book?

Whats funny about people like him is, he doesn't realize we almost all believe in the same things. Christians, Jews and Muslims, were the "break out" groups that introduced monotheism. Crazy concept huh? And we all basically believe the same things, give or take a stoning or two.

Seriously. He should be hit by a car. An H2 so it doesn't dent the front bumper any.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Islam came along hundreds years after Christianity McGriddle Pants.

DrGoat said...

As a citizen of Arizona, I know what it's like to be represented by imbeciles.

Lisa said...

Georgia seems to be entering this crazy contest, as well. They passed a resolution this year about....secession. Of course.

jadedj said...

he's decided that Islam may not be a religion...

he's decided? Uh, how does that work?

Tengrain said...

Well, we in California have a GOP candidate who has already spent $100M of her own fortune, just to win the primary: eMeg Whitman, formerly CEO of eBay.

But not to worry: she has over $1B of her own fortune to squander.

Interestingly enough, she won't actually make a declaration of what she believes -- it might pin her down. So while assrockets like your Lt. Governor might be dangerous in their own way, at least they tell you what idiotic thing that they are thinking. We just get platitudes from billionaires.



libhom said...

Life would be so much easier if everyone were an atheist.