Friday, June 11, 2010

Told you so

Back in January I told you Pete Carroll was getting the hell out of USC and college football before the NCAA could hit him with sanctions. Turns out I was right. Ol' Pete claims he's shocked by the sanctions the NCAA hit his old program with. Turns out the rest of us are shocked that he's shocked. Anyone who followed college football the slightest bit knew USC's football program was dirty. Hell, even if you didn't follow college football you knew USC was a pack of cheaters. A myopic five year old could see there was something wrong there.

It's time for Pete Carroll, USC, and the Seattle Seahawks (Pete's new employer) to do the right thing. Pete needs to admit he ran a dirty program that cared only about winning, USC needs to drop their appeals and admit they were a hotbed of cheaters, and the Seahawks need to fire Carroll because he's a cheater and a liar. I suspect that all those folks will do those things just as soon as BP gets every drop of oil out of the Gulf of Mexico.

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Margaret Benbow said...

Yep. I think you're right!