Thursday, May 13, 2010

People with glasses speak out on free speech

Rosa Sharon of East Swappford, Delaware says, "I use my freedom of speech to preach about Jesus. I do my best to drown out other people when they start talking about any religion other than Christianity."

Randy Felcher of Owillis, Maryland wants to get this off his chest, "If I can't call the current President a damn dirty socialist negro, then the terrorists have won."

Brian Dunnigan of Shirley-Hampton, Montana intones, "I can hear all the free speech I want with these big ass ears of mine."

"Free speech is fine as long as the Jews, blacks, and queers keep their mouths shut," quips Millie Cogburn of Pisstake-away, New Jersey.

"Are you trying to trick me into saying something dumb like they do to Sarah Palin and that Miss California gal? Because if you are then it won't work. You Commie Nazi Liberal Conservative media fat bastard flunky," chirped Belle Plains, of Belle Plains, Oregon.

"I have a tea cup poodle that tells me what I'm allowed to use my free speech on. And if I say something out of line I have to lick my sweater and wear burlap panties until I repent," said Amy Yopp of Melas, Virginia right before they hauled her off to the loony bin.

Randy Grimly, of Nacho, Ohio, points out, "Speech won't truly be free until the day I'm allowed to yell 'Movie!' in a crowded fire hall. Now, look into my eyebrows and tell me you love me."

Alice Botheration of Rekers, Florida would not give me a quote for this post but she did tell me I could run her picture.


Wings said...

You have a wacky and just plain awesome take on things, Doc.

Ricky Shambles said...

Seeing as most Republicans long for the flag-wavin' fear-mongerin' blackie-hatin' fakin'-we're-innocent days of yore, well played, good sir.

Though I must note Alice Botheration looks as though she has a bit of naughtiness in her - or at least will when I'm done with her.