Friday, May 28, 2010

More Monkey Movie Reports

This film tells the story of two siblings who lose their parents at a young age. The female grows up to be the responsible one and her brother grows up to the be screw up. But when he shows up out of the blue to see his sister after a long period of absence, we find out that both of them are pretty much screw ups. The moral of the story here is be your self and be true to your self.

Good performances all around, especially from Laura Linney, who I'm ready to declare a national treasure by the way, and Mark Ruffalo, who has been consistently good in everything I've seen him in.

I highly recommend this one in spite of it having that awful Broderick Jessica Parker in it.

Fresh off the boat Indian guy meets two women who don't know about each other. Each woman uses Indian guy for different reasons. Indian guy falls in love with one of the women and after much mistaken identity and boinking occur, he finally gets his gal.

I really love this movie, I love it so much I bought the DVD. It's fun, funny, and it's downright sweet. The leads are cute as buttons and the supporting cast is stellar. Sure, it's formulaic but it worked for me.

The Bollywood inspired songs and dances rule and come on, who doesn't love Heather Graham when she plays porn actresses? And Marissa Tomei? Forget about it, she's beyond cute. She's in a whole new area of cuteness, one that will be named for her one day.

Some might call this film sappy and silly. And those who do would be sticks in the mud. It's funny, fun, and engaging.


Wings said...

Both sounds great! Will have to check them out.

Devilham said...

Marissa Tomei is unbeleivably good looking. Even in My Cousin Vinney, where she was trying to look trashy, she looked super hot.