Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't fence me in, because Fox News can't see me if you do

So Quitter Palin made her hubby Todd put up a fence to keep Joe McGinniss's prying eyes away from the nubile bodies of her children. How very "protective" of her.
The endeavor gave Todd something to do besides guarding the baby making holes of his screechy wife. And it kept him off his snowmobile, which the grass of Alaska is thankful for.

But honestly Quitter, this isn't about some well known author of true crime books peeping on you and Bristol, and Trig, and Skate, and Pony Boy, and Jimmy Sue, and Digger, and the rest of your clan. No one but you gives a shit about your kids, and by the way you chase the almighty dollar, I'm not sure you really give a shit about them either.

Everybody knows this is about you doing what you do best, playing the martyr. You did it so well during your abortion of a campaign with Old Man McCain, I mean how dare the press ask you what newspapers you read? We all knew you only read the ones that do stories about you, and only flattering ones at that. Your martyrdom grew after you saw that you couldn't cash in on your sudden fame if you stayed in office so you did what people like you do do best in the face of adversity, you quit your job and blamed the media and mean ol' liberals for making you do it. Hell girl, you learned the lesson that you've got to exploit the conservative dullards while the iron is hot.

What's going on in your neighborhood isn't about some old guy stalking and peeping on your kids, heck McCain did that enough to last them a life time. What it's all about Ms. Quitter, is the fact that you're afraid that you'll be exposed for the dolt you are. You spout aphorisms that you heard someone else say that got a huge response by the intellectual midgets you claim to represent. The fact that you speak in code and think it's the height of intelligence, is an insult to anyone with a gram of intelligence. You live in fear that your minions will turn on you and that the media you so love to despise but which you secretly love will actually stop treating you with kid gloves.

McGinniss's book will be what your 'news' network isn't, fair and balanced. It'll be full of those things you hate so much, facts. It will contain interviews with people who have known and worked with you. It will contain stories and anecdotes that can be double and triple checked.

Remember Quitter, you're a celeb now. You're fair game for whoever wants to write a book about you and your life. This is still, after all, a feee country where writers can still pick and choose who to write books about. You wrote a book about your life, so why shouldn't other people? It's un-American to deny someone the chance to pursue their work. You're all about being American aren't you Quitter? Or have you quit on that too?


The L said...

I have been reading your blog for a little while now and you sir are one of us

Mnmom said...

That woman is so vile. The way she exploits her kids and her looks. She stands there in her high heels and expensive clothes and just lies and lies and lies.

Anonymous said...

Check out C&L today for a bit more back story on this. The person who rented McGinnis the house did some work for the Palins and they stiffed her on the bill. Payback is a bitch, isn't it Sarah?

Megan said...

Good. Stay behind that fence please. Forever.

Blueberry said...

Welcome to celebrity-ville. It comes with a fence in the yard.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Palin is like Whack-a-Mole, she keeps popping up when you just want her to go away.