Monday, May 31, 2010

Keeping us free

It's not the military dead or wounded that keep us free here in the USA. It's not active duty or reservists who help keep us free during the year and on Memorial Day.

No, the people who do the most to keep us free and who safeguard our rights are the ones who push the boundaries of the freedoms granted to us in the Bill of Rights in our Constitution. So given that, it's not the terrorists in the far off lands who we need to be fighting, it's homegrown terrorists like those in Operation Rescue, the right wing militias, activist conservative judges who make up new laws on the fly, and Christians who want us all to follow their interpretation of their fairy tale who we need to be on guard against.

The pissed off guy in Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan who's country we're occupying has every right to be pissed off at us. The children who's parent's we slaughtered so we could make sure the oil keeps flowing out of the Middle East have every right to be pissed off at us. The Palestinians who we keep under the oppressive thumb of Israel have every right to be pissed off at us. The men, women, and children who live under the harsh oppressive governments that we prop up so we can treat the world as our object to be plundered so that we can live 'high on the hog' can and should be pissed at us. That's where most of the military they want us to glorify today is stationed.

And they have no right to be there.

And I'm not going to support them while they are being used in this fashion.

And I'm not going to celebrate or remember them on Memorial Day.

Instead I'm going to remember people who tested the limits of our freedoms and who landmark Supreme Court cases made us all a little more freer than we were before.

UPDATE: Great minds think alike.


SamuraiFrog said...

Well said, every word.

Professor Chaos said...

glad someone has the balls to say it!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

thanks for keeping it real, Dr M.