Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another adoption

Since I have already adopted an a female actor from Britain, Archie Panjabi, and a female actor from Scotland, Shirley Henderson, I needed a female actor from Ireland to round out my adoptees, so I decided to adopt the small in stature (she's 5'4") but big in talent Irish female actor Eva Birthistle.

I first became aware of Ms. Birthistle from her star turn in the film A Fond Kiss, which is a new favorite here at Monkey Central.  She's also been in another favorite film of mine Breakfast on Pluto.  She's been in a slew of Brit made TV shows and is in some new films too.  Please welcome Eva to the Monkey Muck family of adopted actors!  


Splotchy said...


I'll work on getting her added to the roster later today!

dguzman said...

That would be a fond kiss indeed.

Missy said...

Isn't she recently engaged?