Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mike Ditka says there's been no racial oppression for a hundred years, do you agree with him?

"Totally.  I haven't seen any oppression so it's obviously not there.  And I won't believe you if you try to show me any because people like Al Sharpton and the NAACP made it up in order to keep people stirred up and so they can make money off it."

"All that racial oppression ended when the slaves were freed.  Just ask any white land owner."

"Racial oppression?  If anything it's us white males who are racially oppressed.  Affirmative action is oppressing us, the women's movement is oppressing us, the gay rights crowd is taking away our freedoms, and the Negroes have joined forces with the Chinks, the wops, the drunken Indians, and the slopes to further take away our rights.  So hell yes, Ditka is spot on but the Jews in the media won't let him go further like I just did."

"Hang on, Mr. Ditka just recently disavowed those divise comments and said that yes. there has been racial oppression and that he hates discrimination of all kinds." 

"Ditka is a god damned race traitor!  He's in bed with the politically correct Black Lives Matter crowd.  He needs to be strung up for turning his back on the white race!  He will not replace us!  Land and freedom!  Fuck him and his blood libel!" 

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