Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Not so fast Bill Maher

Serial pot smoking liberal asshole Islamophobe and Israeli apologist Bill Maher is taking credit for bringing down Milo the right wing gay Brit.  I'm not sure of Maher's dope addled logic because when the right wing's pet gay was on Maher's show the other night, he was conciliatory and chummy with that revolting pile of garbage.  They laughed and made fun of people who don't like Milo's misogyny, sexism, transphobia, and anti Semitism. They giggled and agreed all that awful shit that was said was just a big joke and that people need to calm down and let hateful people spew hate speech because that's what the racist entitled white founding fathers would have wanted, you know free speech and all that.  

But no.  It wasn't a joke, Maher isn't responsible for bringing anyone down and in fact, Maher is responsible for creating people like Milo because of the way he gladly gives any right winger he can find a platform on his show.  And fuck Maher for claiming to be a champion of free speech when he never ever has any pro Palestinian voices on his show.  

Fuck Bill Maher.  And fuck you too if you support his bullshit.

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Professor Chaos said...

I can't stand Bill Maher. Even when he says things I agree with, he's just such a smug condescending little prick.