Thursday, January 5, 2017

Truth and the Greens who don't want to hear it

I pissed off a bunch of Green party numbskulls by saying that Jill Stein needs to step away from her leadership position in the Green Party.  She's been rejected, rather soundly in fact, in the last two presidential elections, she's got no real governmental experience, and it's time for a new face to lead that party in 2020.  Green party supporters came out of the woodwork to denounce me for telling the truth.  Some insisted that Stein isn't the leader of the party because it's a grassroots party that only nominated her to run for president, twice.  I tried to explain to them that she may not be the literal leader but she is surely the de facto leader.  They howled that I should shut up.  I replied by saying that they did not know the meaning of the phrase 'de facto.'

But honestly, fuck them.  I'll vote Justice in 2020.  They can stay the tiny little boutique party for disaffected Democrats who secretly long for the days when the Clintons ran everything.  I'm done with that bullshit.  I want real change, not anymore of that Republican Lite.

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