Saturday, January 7, 2017

Don't worry, we're fine

To allay the fears and worries of a certain aunt in Michigan who is prone to worry needlessly about these types of things, we're fine.  We got about six inches of snow and it's bitterly cold and will remain cold until Monday, but we're fine.  I stocked up on essentials yesterday when the storm was just beginning to hit, so we're fine for food and toilet paper.  Also, this snow is a dry snow so it's resting lightly on the ground, the power lines, the telephone lines, and roof tops across the area, so we're all fine with that.  Since we know how to deal with the snow and the cold the main roads and highways are clear and the side streets in town are being plowed slowly but surely, so we're fine there too.  The bottom line is, stop worrying, we're fine.  

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