Thursday, August 4, 2016

White guys in hats talk about how the Trump campaign is going

"I can't wait to see who he does his best to piss off next."

"I need to take shit, can you not see that?  Wait, me having to shit is a perfect metaphor for his campaign.  Now, where the nearest restroom?  I'm touching cloth, if you know what I mean."

"They need more Ivanka and less of those two vulture looking sons of his.  And also, Trump needs to release more nude photos of his wife."

"I will personally eat anyone who says anything bad about Trump.  Also, I like pie. That's no lie."

"I love a train wreck."

"Trump makes Tricky Dick look like a saint and Warren G. Harding look like a genius."

"He needs to say more stuff about how Hillary is going to bugger all of us seniors until we sign our Social Security checks over to her.  That issue isn't talked about enough.  Also, Muslims and the gays, they scare me too.  And robots."

"It's going about how I expected a campaign that features a narcissistic Cheeto looking racist pig ignorant eastern European poon poaching loudmouth dumb ass on the top of the ticket would go."

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doug.glassman said...

I'm glad you could get to these guys before they started singing about betting on a horse named Paul Revere.