Wednesday, August 17, 2016

1950's college girls with glasses tell what they like best about Trump

"I like how bold and unconventional he is.  Who else but Trump would give a speech aimed at increasing the African American vote in a town that's 95% white?  And who else but Trump would slam President Obama, our first black president, in that same speech? Boom."

"I like how he's hired so many mentally ill people to be his surrogates on the cable news channels.  Some of those people who work for him are down right delusional."

"My favorite thing about him is how he never takes the blame for any of his mistakes.  I'm sure that will be an asset if he gets into the White House.  What could go wrong?"

"I like his commitment to forcing Muslims to face a religious test in order to come into our country.  Maybe he will also order them to wear a religious based symbol on their clothes all the time and maybe he'll concentrate them in camps or something too."

"The thing I like best about him is that he's never tried to hit on me.  Because let's face it, he's pretty disgusting."

"I like how anti immigrant he unless he gets to fuck them and get them pregnant."

"I like the fact he's not my creepy cousin John who keeps trying to have sex with me."

"I like his business acumen best.  I like how he's managed to not let his failures in the casino business keep him from failing at other businesses."

"I like how many different sides of Putin's dick and balls he's on.  And also, I'm a fag hag, so it's okay for me to say things like that."

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