Sunday, July 31, 2016

The things people say

If you say that you support the Green party because of its stance on fighting for world peace, fighting the effects of manmade climate change, and because of how it fights for the human rights of all people, including the Palestinians, but you can't bring yourself to vote for them on election day because you're afraid if you do then Buffoon Trump might win, then you don't really support the Green party and it's stance on the issues.  You are, like most every other Democrat, a coward who will always find an excuse to never vote for a third party.

If you say you want third parties to break through and break the stranglehold that the two main parties have on our system but you refuse to publicly support and vote for a third party, then you're a coward who wants the status quo to remain the same.

Just be honest with your self and with the rest of us and admit that you have fallen for the old line that you can work to make a change within the Democratic party.  Go on, say it.  But know that you'll be wrong because the Democratic party is where social movements go to die. You know I'm right, history has shown it time and time again.

Me, I'm voting Green and I proudly support Dr. Jill Stein for President.  I'm not a coward who thinks that the same party that rejects my attempts to reform it will accept any change whatsoever.  Both parties are in love with corporate cash and neither will work to over turn the horrendous Citizens United case.  That's fact.

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