Sunday, September 27, 2015

How to tell if you're trapped in an Elvis Costello song

  • You tease, you flirt, you shine all the buttons on your green shirt.
  • You're the legendary hitchhiker and you know 'where it's at.'
  • You have a spooky girlfriend.
  • You're a waitress named Teresa who is now known as Juanita.
  • You're a dead Italian tourist.
  • You're just a shabby doll behind a green elevator door.
  • You felt a chill before the winter came.
  • You mind is made up but your mouth is undone.
  • You don't speak any English but you do speak American with out tears.
  • You're somebody's baby with a brand new hairdo and you look fine.
  • You're a little sister who likes to try on your big sister's clothes.
  • You're a boy with a problem.
  • You seriously do not want to go to Chelsea.
  • You want to pump it up.
  • You bay for the boy in the tiger skin trunks.
  • You have a science fiction twin.
  • You sit in your favorite chair very quiet and still while you lose what's left of your mind.
  • You never asked me what I wanted, you only asked me why.
  • You select the plainest face from a spiteful row of girls.
  • You don't know how to be dumb.
  • You gave me a poisoned rose that I could not throw away.
  • The angels wanna wear your red shoes.
  • One of these days you're gonna pay it back, pay it back.
  • You and your sister are doing it again.
  • You traded in your baby for a Chevrolet.
  • All the pretty girls call your name and they love the filthy way you talk.
  • You hope I'm happy now.


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Margaret Benbow said...

Oh, and "You don't know what love is." He did a great version of that.