Monday, August 10, 2015

What matters to you ladies?

 "Hair spray matters, this hairdo doesn't happen on it's own you know."
"Family Matters, I love that show.  Urkel is my homeboy!"

"Black lives matter."

"Did someone already say that anti matter matters?  Because if they didn't then put me down for that one.  I'mma copyright that shit and make some bank on it.  Boo ya!"

"Whatever my minister at church says.  He does all the thinking for for us, which in a way means that my minister matters.  But don't tell him I said that, he doesn't like us coming to conclusions on our own, he says that's how feminism, homosensuality, and evolution got started."

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Margaret Benbow said...

First they'd backcomb each lock of hair (this used to be called "ratting") to its ultimate jumbo puffiness, then lock that in with gobs of hairspray, then smooth the top layer for a sleek appearance. Some would put a tiny bow on top of the structure. If they were cool girls, the bow would match their sweater, skirt and socks. I remember.