Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Old white people know what's best for black folks in Baltimore

"They just need to calm down and do what the police tell them.  I do, and I never have any problems."

"Those thugs need Jesus, right wing Jesus.  You know, the one who hates gays and loves private enterprise."

"If they'd get a job and stay away from white women, things would be fine."

"Yes, I want those muscle bound taut hard bodied men with huge bulges to stay away from me, especially when I'm naked and fresh out of the shower, which is usually around 9 in the morning.  I'm at 836 Oakland, so make sure all you good looking horny young black men stay away from me and my house, wink wink."

"Are they banging on about racism again?  Isn't letting them have a black president enough?  Fuck, we let them have the NBA too.  They need to stop whining."

"I say we mix them all a nice martini or give them a swig of malt liquor and they go their to vacation homes to calm down."

"I suppose we could stop treating them as second class citizens and reinvest in their communities. Hahahahaha, I nearly said the shit with a straight face."

"Stop bothering me, I'm binge watching Fringe on Netflix."

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