Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nearly there

Our outdoor spring project of replacing the old fence on the side of our yard is nearly done.

We tore out the old fence that had been shaded by trees for years. 

It had been beaten down by falling tree limbs and it was rotten in places so it needed to go.  So we knocked it down and took out all the rotted fence posts.  Then we started putting in the new fence.

I used the old fence posts for a guide and if possible I put new posts in the exact places of the old ones.  Some were easier to get in than others were.

After a bit of fussing and arguing and with a bit of help from our neighbor, we got the first post in, then the second one, and then the first eight foot section.  

I was able to use an existing post, so the second section went in pretty smoothly, with the help of my friend Keith.
The third section went in after a few days delay due to rain and a cold snap.  We have to have a gate at the bottom of the fence so I can get the mower in and out easily, so I had to put in a shortened section, another post, and then the gate, which I'm still working on.  

Even with the remaining adjustments needed to the gate, I was able to go ahead and paint the fence yesterday.  

It looks pretty darn good and it's miles better than what used to be there.  This fence should last years and years longer than the old one due to not having trees near it.  We had the pecan tree cut that used to shade the old one and our deck and the neighbor had the old diseased maple on his property cut.  

One project down, many more to go.  Oh, the joys of home ownership.